Spark your inner storyteller.


Have fun hosting a kids’ crafting workshop with projects from Show Me a Story! These projects are designed to ignite kids’ imaginations and give them an outlet for their creativity.

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About This Book

Nurture a Child’s Imagination with Show Me a Story

Contact: Sarah Armour
(413) 346-2153
Imagination is often strongest during childhood, manifesting in stories of make-believe worlds, wondrous creatures, and exciting adventures. In this day and age, though, it’s easy for a child’s natural imaginative inclinations to be smothered by digital overload — TV, video games, the internet. In her new book, Show Me a Story, teacher and crafter Emily K. Neuburger presents 40 craft projects and activities designed to jump-start the imaginations of children of all ages — to get kids to turn off the TV, engage in imaginative play, and connect with the world around them by telling stories about it.

Storytelling is the perfect nourishing food for growing minds because it helps children exercise creativity; expand emotional awareness; develop language, communication, and listening skills; strengthen connections with family and friends; solve problems; and institute moral thinking practices. The projects in this new book are designed to help children begin, develop, and play with storytelling. From visual prompts for younger children, such as story stones and a storytelling jar, to word grab bags and journaling exercises for older ones, this book contains everything needed to spark an infinite number of child-created stories.

Show Me a Story isn’t just for children — it will also inspire and encourage the adults who care for them, be they parents, teachers, librarians, therapists, camp counselors, or child care workers. Its strong educational component incorporates storytelling prompts, group activities, writing exercises, art and drama, mapmaking, and language development. The book will appeal to anyone seeking to nurture children’s imaginations, language, and learning, and will lay the foundation for a lifetime of memorable tales.

About the Author
Emily K. Neuburger is a teacher, a freelance children’s craft designer, and the author of Show Me a Story. She writes about creative living and unexpected treasures on her blog,, and on the Family Fun magazine blog, Everyday Fun. She lives in western Massachusetts with her husband and two daughters.

Show Me a Story
Emily K. Neuburger
Storey Publishing
144 pages; 8″ x 10″
Full-color; photographs and illustrations throughout
$16.95 paper; ISBN 978-1-60342-988-7
$26.95 hardcover; ISBN 978-1-61212-148-2


Praise and Acclaim

Dr. Toy’s 2012 Best Picks Award

2012 National Parenting Publications Awards Honors Winner

2012 USA Best Book Awards, Winner in the Children’s Activity Book Category

“Parents, teachers, and child-care providers will find plenty of inspiration in these projects, and children will enjoy using them in their creative pursuits.” –Library Journal

“Low on tech, high on terrific.” –Cool Mom Picks

“Have you ever thought about combining craft projects and storytelling? What an ingenious idea!” –

“This book is truly a great resource.” –Washington Family Magazine

“Inspirational” –Book Page

“What memories and people — especially families — are all about: stories (both true and imagined), told and retold within groups of people. This is an official rave.” –Scrapbooking & Beyond

Show Me a Story is perfect for hands-on learners and kids who would rather move, explore, and venture outside than spend time sitting quietly at a desk.” –The Learning Table

“Delightfully enthralled.” –Reading to Know

“Emily K. Neuburger’s guide to inspiring storytelling in children welcomes readers as easily as a mother on a playground. … the book makes storytelling simple … Show Me a Story is a necessary book for parents, educators, and those who might be searching for new ways to spark the creativity of young people. Additionally, it’s fun and easy to use.” –San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review

“As a parent, I think that you will appreciate all the opportunities to create meaningful connections and encourage imaginative play with your children.” –Wee Share

“A must-have book for parents and teachers, this amazing book is full of creative ideas to develop a child’s storytelling skills. From story stones to picture tales to story maps, your children’s imagination will blossom as they enjoy the activities listed in this book. Regardless of their reading level, this book is a great tool for developing reading comprehension, sequence, characters, setting, plot, and so much more.” –

Customizable Event Press Release

[STORE] to Hold a Crafts and Storytelling Workshop for Kids Featuring Show Me a Story


Turn off the TV, power down your iPad, and take a break from video games to join [STORE] in an afternoon of hands-on, crafting family fun! [STORE] will host a craft hour for kids featuring projects from Show Me a Story on [DATE AND TIME]. We’ll break out the glue sticks, scissors, and paper and stretch our storytelling muscles as we craft Story Disks and Memory Cards. Materials will be provided. Suggested age range: 5 & up.

Storytelling is not only fun, it helps us develop the language and communication skills essential to thriving in our society. Please find attached information about Show Me a Story, as well as a sampling of the amazing praise it has received from a wide array of educators, librarians, and crafters.

It would be wonderful if you could mention our event at your earliest convenience. We’re hoping for a big turnout!

For more information please contact [STORE INFO].

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