Learn more about poultry predators with the downloadable supplement to What’s Killing My Chickens?.

In the introduction to What’s Killing My Chickens?, Gail Damerow writes that “Every poultry keeper experiences predation at one time or another. … The more we humans encroach on [predator] habitat, the smarter these animals get, and the smarter they get, the smarter you have to be to outsmart them.”

In this supplement to her sweeping poultry predator detective manual, Damerow offers an expanded look at some of the birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians profiled in the book. Together with the book, the supplement rounds out the portraits of these animal predators, with fascinating and valuable information on range, reproduction, social structure, hunting habits, as well as material on subspecies not covered in detail in What’s Killing My Chickens?

Sharpen your sleuthing skills! Download the supplement below.