Get your hands on a copy of the book How to Be a Person (order it HERE if you don’t already have it) and start building your skills! With this book as your guide, you can earn Merit Badges that will make you eligible to enter our giveaway for a $100 Target gift card.

Want to get started right away? Try mastering these 5 skills – or get the book and you’ll have many more to choose from.

Earn These Awesome Merit Badges

Download and Print Your Badges Here


How do you get these? Begin by asking ‘how can I help?”, then turn to the pages of How to Be a Person and choose one skill from each of these sections—Other Beings, Saying it Right, Dirty Things, Wearing That?, Edible Food, Two Cents, and Useful Skills. Put your newfound knowledge into action and then reward yourself with one of these downloadable badges.

Share your badge…

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Earn 5 Merit Badges.


Share your badge and/or a photo of what you learned to do on Instagram using #HowToBeAPerson

Print your badge, cut it out, and stick it to this printable poster. Try to collect all 7 to fill up your poster!

 Now You’re Ready to Enter the Fantastic Giveaway for a $100 Target Gift Card

5 Skills Giveaway!

Tell us what skills you’ve tried! Once you try 5, have a parent or guardian enter you in the giveaway for a $100 Target gift card below!

Extended! Open through October 30, 2020

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