Make learning fun!

Photo © Alexandra Grablewski

Nutritional education has become a high priority in schools, and children are increasingly interested in where their food comes from. In Farmers Market Create-and-Play Activity Book, best-selling author Deanna F. Cook gives kids ages 4 and up a creative, hands-on look at the entire food production cycle, from seed to sale.

This 18-page Educator’s Guide is designed to show teachers and homeschooling parents how to use the book in a classroom setting. Learning objectives include: identifying fruits and vegetables, understanding how vegetables grow, making healthy food choices, practicing adding and subtracting, building awareness of contributions to community, and role-playing cash transactions while practicing politeness. The guide includes step-by-step instructions for implementing five lesson plans, as well as seven worksheets that can be photocopied and distributed to each student. The lesson plans are aligned to the Common Core standards of Grade 1 but include suggestions for tailoring activities for older or younger children.

Illustrations © Alyssa Nassner

Illustrations by Alyssa Nassner