These worksheets are designed to assist you in developing your whole farm plan using Whole Farm Management as your guide. Click on the links below to download and print all worksheets together as a single PDF or individually.


Download Individual Worksheets:

Appendix 1-1: Farm Team Skills Assessment

Appendix 1-2: Quality-of-Life Assessment

Appendix 1-3: Identifying Your Farm: Name and Contact Information

Appendix 1-4: Ideal Farm

Appendix 1-5: Values and Vision

Appendix 1-6: Enterprise Selection: Annual Crops

Appendix 1-7: Enterprise Selection: Livestock

Appendix 1-8: Enterprise Selection: Perennial Crops

Appendix 1-9: Mission and Goals

Appendix 1-10: Land Resource Inventory

Appendix 1-11: Soils Assessment

Appendix 1-12: Water Resources Assessment

Appendix 1-13: SWOT Analysis

Appendix 1-14: Infrastructure and Equipment Assessment

Appendix 1-15: Labor Plan

Appendix 1-16: Simplified Farm Energy Assessment

Appendix 1-17: Influence of Personality and Lifestyle Goals on Marketing

Appendix 1-18: Marketing Strategy Comparison

Appendix 1-19: Budgets and Variances

Appendix 1-20: Cash Flow and Accounting Systems

Appendix 1-21: Production Costs

Appendix 1-22: Financing

Appendix 1-23: Balance Sheets

Appendices 2-1 and 2:2: Tractor Needs: Annual Cropping Systems Example and Grass-Based Livestock System Example

Appendix 2-3: Tractor Needs: Perennial Cropping Systems Example

Appendix 2-4: Tractor Needs

Appendix 3-1: Family Business Roles Activity


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