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Win these emergency essentials for your family

With weather patterns becoming more unpredictable and global politics growing increasingly volatile, people everywhere need to learn preparedness skills to protect their families, neighbors, and pets. Kathy Harrison’s new guide, Prepping 101, offers readers peace of mind with 40 practical steps they can take to ready themselves and their families for long- and short-term emergencies.

For our Family Prep Survival Sweepstakes, we’ve teamed up with one of Kathy’s most trusted resources, Lehman’s, to make sure you and your family are ready to ride out whatever the world might throw at you. Enter to win a signed copy of Prepping 101 and a Family Prep Survival Kit, which includes enough supplies for 4 people to survive up to 3 days. And because it’s not just about surviving, but living, Lehman’s has included additional items to feed body, mind, and soul!

Grand Prize

  • 1 copy of Prepping 101 ($16.95)
  • 1 Family Prep Survival Kit ($169.99), featuring
    • Packs & Organization: 2 red backpacks and a weatherproof zip bag
    • Weather Protection: 4 reflective sleeping bags/bivy sacks, 4 emergency ponchos, 2 emergency tube tents, and 4 hand warmers
    • Food & Water: 4 3,600-kcal food bars and 24 4.2-oz.
      water pouches
    • Water Purification & Storage: 5 Chlor Floc military water purification packets and 1-liter folding water container
    • First Aid: 118-piece first aid kit
    • Light & Communication: rubber flashlight (D batteries included), AM/FM radio (AAA batteries included), and 4 light sticks
    • Hygiene & Sanitation: 4 toothbrushes, toothpaste, comb, razor, shampoo, soap nar, 2 feminine pads, washcloth, toilet paper, and small sewing kit
    • Tools & Other Items: 5-in-1 survival whistle, duct tape, work gloves, playing cards, 5-mm rope, multi-tool knife, and GI can opener
  • 1 Farm-opoly board game ($27.95)
  • 1 9-oz. can of canned bacon ($21.99)
  • 1 Feuerhand galvanized lantern ($34.99)

Prepping 101

by Kathy Harrison

The next severe storm, power outage, or financial meltdown could hit at any time. Having a household contingency plan and being part of a strong, resilient community could mean the difference between life and death. This friendly and highly accessible guide introduces the most important, practical steps your whole family can take to ensure survival in short- or long-term emergencies. The critical information is presented in 40 achievable tasks, ranging from simpler ones such as creating a preparedness notebook and repackaging store-bought food for storage to more involved preparations like learning to collect rainwater and building a solar oven.

Kathy Harrison is the author of Prepping 101 and Just In Case, as well as Another Place at the Table and One Small Boat. She is a national spokesperson, touring and giving lectures, for both family preparedness and foster parenting. She has appeared on The Today Show, Oprah, National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, and in NPR interviews. She lives with her family in western Massachusetts.

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