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Cooking Class Extras


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Game Cards

Recipe Cards

Place Cards


Equine Fitness Cards

Finding Good Farmland Assessment Forms


Finding Good Farmland assessment forms will guide you in gathering information about the land you are considering and ultimately help you settle on the right farm for you.

Find all Finding Good Farmland assessment forms at

Fix, Freeze, Feast Cooking Instruction and Freezer Labels


Recipes from Homemade Soda

The Nature Connection Worksheets

Dilly Beans recipe from Put’em Up!

Canning Labels for Your Put ’em Up! Recipes


Click here to download printable PDF canning labels from Put ’em Up!

The labels fit 1-1/3″ x 4″, 14-up per sheet, address labels by Avery: 8662, 5662, 48462, 18662, 8462, 8252, 8162, 5962, 5522, 5262, 5162

Recipes from Serving Up the Harvest


Sewing School Patterns

Sewing School 2 Patterns


Pattern Pieces for the projects in Sewing School 2:

Many of the project patterns are common shapes — circles, squares, and rectangles — for these, you can either download the printable patterns or use drawing tools to help you make the pattern.

Find all Sewing School 2 pattern pieces and dimensions at

Printable Forms from Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business

Printable Forms from Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business