Beret Calculator

This pattern is worked from the top down. As with other top-down hats, therefore, you must determine the number of stitches required to begin your hat at the crown by doing a little math. See Tips for Working Top Down on page 85 for advice on beginning stitch count, as well as on how to plan your stitch increases per round.

To crochet a beret or tam, decide the circumference at the widest point of the brim (usually about 30 to 44 inches). The calculator will do the work of providing the number of increases to that point, and then it will determine the number of decreases to get to the head size.

The fields F, G, and H are optional. You need to fill these in only if you are working a stitch pattern with known row/round and stitch repeats per unit of measurement.

Fields marked with * are required.