Wallpaper may be desirable, but it can be expensive, difficult to install, and damaging to the wall upon removal. Street art and graffiti might seem unattainable, but everyone has an interior wall they can paint. Wall painting offers a way to achieve these modern design effects in the home, and it can be accessible to everyone — even those who don’t consider themselves artists. This bright and colorful book from the creators of Pandr Design Co. features DIY how-to wall painting techniques that will help readers discover the possibilities of paint and see their walls as their canvas.
Authors Phoebe Cornog and Roxy Prima take readers through wall preparation and paint selection and then teach how to achieve different techniques step by step, from marbling to sponging to geometric design to lettering and more. They address tips, tricks, and troubleshooting and help readers customize their home — without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank. For fans of interior design or anyone seeking to bring color into their home and make their space unique, this book will spark the imagination, feed creativity, and deliver the confidence to do it themselves.

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Phoebe Cornog


Phoebe Cornog is a graphic designer and cofounder, with Roxy Prima, of Pandr Design Co., which specializes in hand-painted murals. Together, Cornog and Prima got… See Bio

Roxy Prima


Roxy Prima is a graphic designer and cofounder, with Phoebe Cornog, of Pandr Design Co., which specializes in hand-painted murals. Together, Prima and Cornog got… See Bio

Wonder Walls

by Phoebe Cornog and Roxy Prima

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