This colorful guide introduces beginning birders of all ages to the wonders of the avian world. With profiles of 30 North American birds detailing their color, size, habitat, and calls, you’ll quickly learn to identify the birds in your neighborhood. Additional sections on bird anatomy and behavior, ideas for keeping a bird-watching journal, instructions for building a nesting box, and tips for where to find specific species will have you exploring all the joys of birding in no time.

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  • ISBN: 9781580175548

Joseph Choiniere


Joseph Choiniere is the co-author of What's That Bird? He has worked for the Mass Audubon Society for more than 25 years, currently as the director of… See Bio

Claire Mowbray Golding


Claire Mowbray Golding is vice president and managing director for a small educational publishing company in central Massachusetts. She lives in Princeton, Massachusetts.

What’s That Bird?

by Joseph Choiniere, Claire Mowbray Golding, Tom Vezo and James Robins

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