Get in top riding shape! Designed to strengthen the muscles commonly used by equestrians while improving overall balance, flexibility, and coordination, this six-week fitness program includes clear instructions and step-by-step photographs for more than 70 exercises. You’ll learn how to create workout routines that are customized for specific disciplines like jumping, dressage, and rodeo. Whether you’re a beginning rider or have years of experience, increased fitness will help you prevent injury and improve your riding form. 

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Dianna Robin Dennis


Dianna Robin Dennis is a full-time equestrian writer and lifelong rider. She has written for many equestrian magazines in the United States and abroad, including The… See Bio

John J. McCully


John J. McCully is a certified fitness professional and personal trainer. He co-founded Equestrian Fitness Company, which tailors fitness programs for individual riders.

Paul M. Juris


A specialist in sports development and rehabilitation, Dr. Paul M. Juris has served as Kinesiologist Research Coordinator at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York… See Bio

The Rider’s Fitness Program

by Dianna Robin Dennis, John J. McCully, Paul M. Juris and Anne Kursinski

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