The Great Ball Game, a classic folktale originating from the Cherokee, Creek, Ojibway and Menominee people of North America, is adapted for a contemporary audience by Rebecca Sheir, host of the award-winning Circle Round podcast, and accompanied by the vibrant illustrations of Joshua Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley, an Ojibwe Woodland artist. A dispute between the animals and the birds over who is best leads to a ball game challenge. When the game is disrupted by the arrival of a tiny creature named Bat, who doesn't seem to fit on either team, all the participants learn the value of diversity and celebrating those who seem "different." The accompanying activities and prompts encourage children to develop their own storytelling skills.


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Rebecca Sheir


Rebecca Sheir is the author of the Circle Round books The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest, A Taste of Honey, and The Great Ball Game,… See Bio

The Great Ball Game

by Rebecca Sheir and Joshua Pawis-Steckley

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