This comprehensive guide has everything you need to know to successfully design and maintain an urban garden in whatever space and conditions you have available. As Katherine Powis writes in the foreword, "City gardeners are up against it: the concrete and grit, the lack of light, the cramped spaces, and sun-scorched, wind-burned rooftops. And that's just what this book is about." Linda Yang gives you the information and guidance you need to create beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces, profiling dozens of beautiful, hardy plants that thrive in cities and offering expert advice on everything from preparing your soil to managing pests. Filled with charming anecdotes and stunning photographs, The City Gardener’s Handbook will inspire you to bring the joys of the garden into your metropolis. 

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  • ISBN: 9781580174497

Linda Yang


Linda Yang is known for her garden columns in the New York Times, which were widely syndicated from 1979-1995. Both her articles and her photographs… See Bio

The City Gardener’s Handbook

by Linda Yang, Katherine Powis and Jane G. Pepper

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