It’s fun to be nature smart! Nature Smarts Workbook, Ages 7-9 is packed with interactive learning activities that build knowledge and appreciation of the natural world. Based on the curriculum from the acclaimed outdoor educators at Mass Audubon, the colorful activity pages feature games, puzzles, mazes, and both on-the-page and outdoor activities that teach kids about geology, earth science, wildlife habits, basic botany, and more, along with important concepts such as pattern recognition and classification systems. From understanding how rocks transform to becoming a cloud detective, distinguishing between vertebrates and invertebrates, and identifying types of bird beaks and plant parts, this book expands on the school STEM curriculum to foster growth of the next generation of naturalists and conservationists.  

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  • Size: 8.19 x 11.06
  • Pages: 96
  • Format: Paperback / softback
  • ISBN: 9781635863970

The Environmental Educators of Mass Audubon


Mass Audubon, a major conservation organization for 125 years, is a nationally recognized leader in environmental education, serving 225,000 children and adults annually through its educational programs… See Bio

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Nature Smarts Workbook, Ages 7–9

by The Environmental Educators of Mass Audubon

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