Tune up a milk carton guitar and get ready for a kitchen concerto in the key of utensils major! Ann Sayre Wiseman and John Langstaff offer dozens of ideas that encourage children to unlock their musical creativity using everyday objects. Kids will be inspired as they turn a shower hose into a trumpet or pair zippers and Velcro to make their own percussion ensemble. With ideas for creating and playing more than 70 basic rhythm, string, wind, and keyboard instruments, the musical possibilities are endless. 

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John Langstaff


The late John Langstaff was known internationally for his ability to unlock any child’s innate musical ability. He was the founder of the original Christmas… See Bio

Ann Sayre Wiseman


Ann Sayre Wiseman was an artist, teacher, and art therapist who led arts and crafts workshops around the world. She authored a dozen books, including… See Bio

Making Music

by John Langstaff and Ann Sayre Wiseman

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