Home Sausage Making is the most comprehensive go-to reference on the subject — and the re-designed fourth edition is better than ever, with 60 percent new and updated recipes, the most current guidelines for popular charcuterie techniques such as dry curing and smoking, and more. Step-by-step photos make the process accessible for cooks of all levels, and 100 recipes range from breakfast sausage to global favorites like mortadella, liverwurst, chorizo, salami, kielbasa, and bratwurst. Recipes for using wild game, chicken, seafood, and vegetables ensure there’s something for every taste. An additional 100 recipes highlight creative ways to cook with sausage.

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Charles G. Reavis


The late Charles G. Reavis authored the original edition of Home Sausage Making, published in 1981. He was a chef and writer, and an English teacher in Endwell,… See Bio

Evelyn Battaglia


Evelyn Battaglia has completely updated Home Sausage Making for the 4th Edition, along with Mary Reilly. Battaglia was Executive Editor of Cookbooks and Special Interest Publications… See Bio

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  • Step-by-step directions for how to create fresh, cooked, smoked, and dry-cured sausages.

  • 100 recipes for pork, beef, lamb, game, poultry, seafood, and even vegetarian sausages.

  • 100 additional recipes for serving up sausage-based dishes for every meal of the day.

  • Butchers, chefs, and professional sausage makers share trade secrets and advice.

  • Charcuterie board tips and techniques show how to assemble an artisanal platter.

  • Beer pairing guidelines ensure the perfect brew for your favorite sausage.

Home Sausage Making, 4th Edition

by Charles G. Reavis, Evelyn Battaglia and Mary Reilly

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