The keys to manifesting major life transformation are within reach! In this fresh interpretation of the ancient art of Feng Shui, certified practitioner Ashley Cantley offers the simple and straightforward guide she wishes she’d had when she started learning about Feng Shui. Cantley’s 11-step program demystifies foundational ideas and practices, with guided exercises for creating intention, tapping into intuition, cleaning and decluttering, and balancing and enhancing energy in your home. But this is no rule book! Cantley’s process for eliminating blockages, realizing goals, and “living in the flow” is designed to be customized to anyone’s desires, experiences, and style.

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Ashley Cantley


Ashley Cantley is the author of High-Vibe Feng Shui. A certified Feng Shui expert, she is the founder of Elevated Human, a modern Feng Shui design… See Bio

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High-Vibe Feng Shui

by Ashley Cantley and Sophie Jaffe

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