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  • Tiny House

    Tiny House

    Once or twice a week for the last year and a half, since I’ve been living in my tiny house, I’ve had curious visitors come on exploratory trips as they contemplate taking the tiny road themselves. They find me on the blogosphere and ask to … Read More

  • Clean Your Laundry — Naturally!

    Clean Your Laundry — Naturally!

    Good news: There are more natural cleaning products available today than ever before. Ready for the bad news? Not all “natural” cleaning products are, in fact, all natural. Without regulation to define such terms or to disclose ingredients, a new marketing trend known as “greenwashing” … Read More

  • The Yule Goat

    The Yule Goat

    “What’s this straw thing in your tree?” he asked me. “Looks like a goat.” I was surprised for an instant, but why should he know? The julbock is a northern tradition. The Yule goat emigrated from Scandinavia with settlers who flocked to our northern states … Read More