Here’s a hands-on storytelling activity to help you and your friends spin a terrific tale.

Find a stick and decorate it with paint, yarn, feathers, wire, beads, or anything else you can find.

Now sit in a circle with your family or friends and start to tell a story. You could say, “Have you heard the story about…” or “Once upon a time there was…” Now pass the stick to someone else in the circle.

Story Stick IllustrationThe only person allowed to speak is the one who is holding the Story Stick! Keep passing the Story Stick around and keep adding onto the story. Let your imagination run wild. It’s fun to see where the tale will go!

The Circle Round Picture Book series combines traditional folktales from around the world with creative storytelling activities based on the award-winning Circle Round podcast, produced by WBUR.

Excerpted and adapted from The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest © Rebecca Sheir. Storytelling activitiy by Melissa Taylor, Imagination Soup © Storey Publishing, LLC.

Rebecca Sheir

Rebecca Sheir is the author of the Circle Round books The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest, A Taste of Honey, and The Great Ball Game,… See Bio

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The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest

by Rebecca Sheir and Mert Tugen

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