Last Saturday my dog Lily and I took a familiar walk in the woods — only it wasn’t so familiar. There were plants sprouting, woodpeckers arguing (loudly), colorful flowers, and flowering shrubs; it was finally spring in the forest.

My dog, Lily, on the Parker Brook Trail

We went back again on Sunday, camera in hand. I was able to identify some of the plants in the photos, but some are still a mystery to me. Do you know about these forest flowers, plants, and shrubs? Please share your woodsy knowledge!

Parker Brook, Pittsfield State Forest (Massachusetts)
May 2, 2010

Sprouting acorn, a.k.a. a seedling oak tree

Unknown (to me) white flowering shrub

Common blue violet

Fiddleheads. Can you harvest any type?
Do you know the fern species?

Common trillium

Unknown white to very pale pink flower; seems to grow in patchy sun

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