From berry-studded muffins to elegant, herb oil-poached lobster tails, treat Mom to a special meal on Mother’s Day with a Storey book brunch menu.

Storey cookbooks feature delicious recipes accessible to even the novice home cook. Whether eaten in the coziest country kitchen or served up as part of a lavish spread worthy of a chic city café, these recipes are some of our favorites for cooking up a memorable Mother’s Day brunch.

Photo © Johnny Autry, excerpted from The Harvest Baker

Ricotta, Lemon, and Blackberry Muffins

Crispy on the outside, with a moist, tender, off-white interior, these muffins from The Harvest Baker showcase juicy blackberries.

Photo © Keller + Keller Photography, excerpted from Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen

Baked Eggs with Parsley Pesto

These eggs from Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen are excellent served with greens, roasted roots, polenta, or toast. They’re great with parsley pesto, but you can use any kind of pesto you like.

Photo © Lara Ferroni, excerpted from The Pesto Cookbook

Lobster Tails Poached in Basil-Cilantro Oil with Garlic

In this fancy dish that’s easy to prepare, lobster tails are poached to perfection in a mellow sauce made with basil-cilantro oil from The Pesto Cookbook. Serve with bread to dip in the poaching oil.

Photo © Keller + Keller Photography, excerpted from Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen

Lemon Roasted Asparagus with Baked Goat Cheese

The soft texture and sour, tangy flavor of goat cheese is an excellent complement to the juicy, sweet asparagus in this dish from Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen.

Photo © Lara Ferroni, excerpted from The Pesto Cookbook

Avocado-Lime Frozen Yogurt

This frozen dessert from The Pesto Cookbook marries lime yogurt with a lemon balm-brightened avocado cream for an incredibly creamy and wonderful way to finish a special Mother’s Day meal.

Photo © Antonis Achilleos, excerpted from Tasting Cider

Hard Tellin’

Sweet and strong, this potable from Tasting Cider combines the sweet Caribbean syrup of falernum with the piquant powers of fresh ginger juice, the caramel tones of dark rum, and the baked apple goodness of an amber cider.

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