Don’t use plastic bags when you’re on the trail; use this handy reusable pouch instead!

Planning your next adventure? Be prepared, because you never know what to expect from Mother Nature. Don’t use plastic bags when you’re on the trail; use this handy reusable pouch instead! It’s perfect for snack time, no matter where you are. Now get out there and explore!

Snack time pouch

Photo © Justin Fox Burks, excerpted from Sewing School 2

Text and pattern excerpted from Sewing School 2 © 2013 by Andria Lisle and Amie Petronis Plumley. Photos © Justin Fox Burks. All rights reserved.

A Note for Grown-Ups
This project is so quick to make that your young sewer will want to make several at a time to use for school snacks and outdoor adventures. Once the snack is gone, the bags can be machine washed and filled again and again. New sewers may need help turning corners and attaching the hook-and-loop tape. See “Let’s Review” below for a quick refresher on turning corners.

Let’s Review:
Turn a corner [download pdf]

Snack Time Pouch

What You Need
Pattern for Snack Time (linked below)
¼ yard cotton fabric
3½-inch-long piece of self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape
Straight pins
Sewing machine and thread

Sample of Snack Time pattern. This is not to scale.
For full-size pattern, please download the printable pdf.
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    Step 1: 1. Download and print the Snack Time pattern (please note that the pattern is larger than letter-size paper). Use chalk to trace the pattern onto the fabric one time. Or using a straight-edge, draw a 6.5" x 13" rectangle directly onto fabric. The fold line is 2" up from the bottom (or 11" down from the top — see sample illustration above). Cut out the fabric.

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    Step 2: Machine-stitch straight across one short end of the fabric. This is called a staystitch, and it is done through one layer of fabric so the edge doesn’t fray. Trim the threads.

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    Step 3: Lay out the fabric with the good side down, the stitched edge at the top, and the pattern piece next to it. Fold the stitched edge of the fabric down to the fold line on the pattern. Pin the side edges together.

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    Step 4: Machine-stitch around the entire pouch. Start at a bottom corner. Go up, across the top, and down the other side. Tip: You might sew with a zigzag stitch if the fabric frays a lot.

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    Step 5: Time to add the hook-and-loop tape. Remove the paper backing from one side and stick that side of the hook-and-loop tape to the top flap.

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    Step 6: Keep the two sections of the hook-and-loop tape together and remove the other tape cover. Fold the top down so that the pouch opening is folded over a bit.

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    Step 7: Press down hard so that the hook-and-loop tape will stick to both sides. Tip: Iron the hook-and-loop tape so that it will stay in place better.

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    Step 8: Open and fill with your favorite snack!

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Andria Lisle

Andria Lisle is coauthor of Sewing School®Sewing School 2®, Sewing School Quilts, and Sewing School® Fashion Design. She is Curator of Strategic Engagement at the Memphis Brooks Museum… See Bio

Amie Petronis Plumley

Amie Petronis Plumley is coauthor of Sewing School®Sewing School® 2Sewing School® Quilts, and Sewing School® Fashion Design. She is an elementary school teacher at Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal… See Bio

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