Fire up the grill and enjoy this simple, savory seafood dish.

Capture the flavors of wood-fired cooking with this savory Salt-Roasted Shrimp dish from Paula Marcoux’s Cooking with Fire. It’s a sure winner for any seafood lover. Try it as an appetizer or make it a meal.

Salt-Roasted Seafood Shrimp


  • Solar salt
  • Shrimp in shell (to give your dish a little more pizzaz use head-on shrimp if you can get them)
  • A pepper grinder


  1. Spread out a solid 1/2-inch bed of solar salt on a sheet of iron or an actual griddle, and start heating it over a hot fire. A bed of solar salt diffuses the heat of the iron without overseasoning the shrimp.
  2. Meanwhile, toss the shrimp with copious freshly ground black pepper.
  3. When the salt is very hot, quickly lay the shrimp down on it. Turn each shrimp as soon as translucency appears to have crept through more than half of it, using the tail as a handle (or tongs if you prefer). The second the flipped shrimp attains curliness, remove to a serving platter.
  4. Allow 4–6 shrimp per person for an appetizer, depending on size of shrimp and appetites.
Text excerpted and adapted from Cooking with Fire © Paula Marcoux. Photo © Keller + Keller Photography.


Paula Marcoux

Paula Marcoux is a food historian who lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts; she has worked professionally as an archaeologist, cook, and bread-oven builder. She is the… See Bio

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