Looking for something special for someone special this holiday season?

We asked our authors and illustrators for help selecting the perfect gifts to pair with their books. These hand-picked pairings encourage folks—young and old—to grow, build, create, and explore the world beyond the pages of the book. From binoculars and wings (you heard that right!) to tools and classes, there’s something for everyone on your list.

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Perfect Pairings for Adults

Photo courtesy of Brett McLeod.

American Axe author Brett McLeod picked the Brant & Cochran Allagash Cruiser.

   Brant & Cochran’s Allagash Cruiser is my go-to axe. It lives behind the seat of my truck where it’s regularly called into service brushing out trails, splitting camp wood, and clearing blowdown on my way to work.

The Backyard Homestead author Carleen Madigan picked a Trug.

Photo courtesy of Carleen Madigan.

The Backyard Homestead author Carleen Madigan picked a Sussex Trug.

   My most treasured gardening item is my Sussex trug, which a friend and fellow gardener gave me about 20 years ago. I put it to use almost every day of the year! During the growing season, I use it to bring in vegetables from the garden. In the winter, I line it with a kitchen towel and fill it with baked goods to take to neighbors, or use it to store seeds or hold cured garlic and onions in the kitchen.

Photo by Kristi Nelson.

The Gratitude Explorer Workbook author Kristi Nelson picked the A Year of Gratitude Page-A-Day Calendar. 

   I am pairing The Gratitude Explorer Workbook with A Year of Gratitude Page-A-Day Calendar by Workman Publishing because I think having a daily source of inspiration and support is great when we commit to a regular gratitude practice and these two beautiful items reinforce each other well.

Ashley Cantley Crystal Photo

Photo by Ashley Cantley.

High-Vibe Feng Shui author Ashley Cantley picked a Swarovski Crystal.

   A favorite fix for improving the Feng Shui and clearing energetic blocks in my house is to hang a sphere of high-quality cut-glass crystal from the ceiling of a room in order to redirect, change, or enhance the energy of the space. This cut-glass Swarovski crystal, made in Austria, is what I use in my practice. When the light hits the crystal, it shoots rainbows all over your home, which feels magical.

Photo by Christopher Shockey.

Homebrewed Vinegar author Kirsten Shockey picked a Fermentation School Class.

   We all learn in different ways. For many of us watching a demonstration can add depth and meaning to what we read, it can remove our own mental barriers as we see that the process is not as hard as we imagined. When you gift Homebrewed Vinegar paired with instruction to the fermentation or food lover or maker on your list, they are sure to be diving in and creating delicious vinegars soon.

Frank Hyman Pocket Knife Photo

Photo courtesy of Frank Hyman.

How to Forage for Mushrooms without Dying author Frank Hyman picked an Opinel Pocket Knife.

   This Opinel pocket knife was a gift from a friend I worked with on an organic farm in Provence. I use it to harvest wild mushrooms (and to open my mail!). Any budding mushroom hunter would be glad to have this high-quality pocketknife to help them bring wild, gourmet mushrooms home.

Photo by Brad Peacock.

How to Love the World author James Crews picked Handmade, All-Natural Goat Milk Soap.

   One of the best ways to love the world is to appreciate farmers like Becca Knouss who help to make this planet a better place with handmade products like these all-natural goat milk soaps.

Kaori with Mochi Magic

Photo courtesy of Kaori Becker.

Mochi Magic author Kaori Becker picked a Rice Cooker Paddle.

   In Japanese tradition mochi is most often made at the beginning of the year to symbolize a bringing of prosperity and generosity for both the giver and receiver. Have a mochi-making party, bring it to your next holiday event, or simply share a box with family and friends. Fresh mochi is delicious and fun in so many ways! When making mochi, I find a rice cooker paddle is very useful—especially for mixing the mochi as it cooks and gets sticky—and would make a great gift paired with Mochi Magic for a friend who wants to learn to make it themselves!

Christi Johnson with Mystical Stitches

Photo courtesy of Christi Johnson.

Mystical Stitches author Christi Johnson picked Embroidery Threads and Gold Tapestry Needles.

   Pairing Mystical Stitches with a curated palette of embroidery threads is the perfect way to light up your loved one’s winter stitching! The pre-selected color combinations ensure that there’s plenty of harmonious options to create beautiful, embroidered art, and even just the sight of a rainbow of colors will inspire them to get creative. For someone extra special, top it all off with a set of gold tapestry needles, my personal favorite (they’re way easier to thread thanks to the large eye, and who can say no to gold??).

Phyllis Good Platter Photo

Photo by Merle Good.

No Recipe? No Problem! author Phyllis Good picked a Handmade Platter.

    When you cook without recipes you can make both a beautiful dish and a tasty one! I love to spread whatever I’ve made onto a shapely white or ivory platter, so the colors of the food sing. Here’s my fresh tomato, peach, basil, and mozzarella salad. Who could resist!

Will Sutherland with a Metal Grinder Photo

Photo by WIll Sutherland.

Skoolie author Will Sutherland picked a Dewalt Metal Grinder.

   If you are going to build a skoolie, you are going to need an angle grinder before you start the demo process. I like the Dewalt 4-1/2″ small angle grinder. Be sure to get plenty of cutting wheels, at least 10  to start, your gift recipient will thank you!

Photo courtesy of Pandr Design Co.

Wonder Walls authors Phoebe Cornog & Roxy Prima picked Big Bud Jumpsuits.

   We love painting in jumpsuits because they look great and they’re comfortable. Pairing these with our book Wonder Walls would be the perfect gift for the home improver in your life. We’re wearing Big Bud Press here, but we also love our Dickies jumpsuits too (which are featured throughout our book!).

 Perfect Pairings for Kids

Photo by Jeanne White.

Busy Little Hands: Math Play! author Jeanne White picked Cars and Teacups.

   Families can give toys such as cars and plastic dishes for doll sets or supplies for the second half of the school year (like erasers or crayons) to count and sort with the activities in Math Play!

Photo by Hsinping Pan.

Give Thanks illustrator Hsinping Pan picked Thank You Cards.

   I made this card with Lagom Design. The little butterfly is spreading her wings and like the kid on the cover, she also wants to reach out and spread joy. People can write thank you messages when they give the book as a gift. I think Give Thanks can be for everyone, all ages, because we can always learn new ways to spread joy and live gratefully.

Katie Yale Wings Photo

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Yale.

Howl like a Wolf! author Katie Yale picked Heart Song Wings.

   Help your wild thing get into the mind of their favorite bird or butterfly with a pair of gorgeous, realistic wings from HearthSong.

Ty Allan Jackson

Photo by Ty Allan Jackson.

Make Your Own Money author Ty Allan Jackson picked Money.

   What’s the perfect pairing with Make Your Own Money? Money! In order to turn lemons into lemonade for that lemonade stand, they’ll need some supplies! Pair the book with $20 in start-up cash for your young entrepreneur to put towards supplies, marketing materials, and assistance to get their new business off the ground.

Ann Hobbie Pollinator Garden Signs Photo

Photo courtesy of Ann Hobbie.

Monarch Butterflies Ann Hobbie picked Native Pollinator Habitat Signs.

   Once a teacher, always a teacher! These vibrant signs help gardeners young and old share their love of gardening and educate others about monarch and pollinator conservation efforts in the process. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Meg Thacher Binoculars Photo

Photo courtesy of Meg Thacher.

Sky Gazing author Meg Thacher picked Binoculars.

   For “a closer look” at the sky, you can’t beat a pair of binoculars! They’re easy to point and show a close-up view of the wonders of the universe.

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