When life gets crazy, it’s good to be reminded we can still have fun.

At Storey, fun more often than not involves food. Birthdays and holidays and sometimes just the changing of the seasons get celebrated with gustatory delights. Naturally, we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to revel in a day that only comes around every four years.

The rules of our “Leap of Faith” leap day potluck luncheon were simple: (a) show up, (b) bring something to eat, (c) identify yourself as the maker, (d) name it anything having to do with leaping.

Editor Deb Burns’s contribution to our Leap Day lunch was inspired by a favorite rabbit breed, the American Fuzzy Leap….er, Lop. It also won first prize for Best Concept/Presentation.

With the creativity gauntlet thrown down, we jumped (sorry) at the chance to out-pun our colleagues. While enjoying an epic spread, attendees voted by secret ballot for their favorite entries.

Without further ado:

All hail! It wouldn’t be a leap day lunch without a tribute to the Roman ruler considered the father of the leap year. Maribeth Casey’s salad took first prize for Best Named Dish.

Julius Caesar Salad

We’d jump for whoopie pies, leap day or not.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a leap day lunch without a few jumping beans.


There might have been some hopping…

Cottontail cupcakes by Heather Tietgens



…and some Hoppin’ John (accompanied by his annoying vegan cousin).


There was even a little capering.


Come on. These guys are adorable.


Of course, frogs aren’t the only ones in the leaping game. Evel Knievel’s Canyon of Cake Balls earned creator Zoe Spring second prize for Best Concept/Presentation, while Gwen Steege’s Toad-in-a-Hole took second prize for Best Named Dish.

Evel Knievel’s Canyon of Cake Balls earned creator Zoe Spring second prize for Best Concept/Presentation.






Of course, we make it our business to know our way around wordplay (and the occasional clever disclaimer).





Photos by Ash Austin and Zoe Spring

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