Author and knitting teacher Judith Durant demonstrates how to add accent beads to a rope cable using a crochet hook (the “hooked bead” method).

Beads, wonderful shiny beads, can add a fantastical touch to your cables. In this video, we use a small crochet hook to thread a bead onto the center stitch of a 5-over-5 left-crossing rope cable. As beads are added on each right-side row, they create an elegant gleam that highlights the winding path of your work.

Note: On Row 5 and all crossing rows, add a bead to the third stitch only. A chart is included below.

Beaded Cable Chart

Chart by Judith Durant, excerpted from Cable left, Cable Right

Judith Durant

Judith Durant is the editor of the best-selling One-Skein Wonders series, which currently includes seven volumes; the author of Cable Left, Cable RightIncrease, Decrease, and Knit One, Bead… See Bio

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Cable Left, Cable Right

by Judith Durant

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