Asparagus season is here!

Asparagus is a harbinger of spring! Whether you’re buying a bunch at the farmers’ market or harvesting it right from your own garden, this versatile vegetable is delicious fresh, steamed, roasted, grilled, sautéed, frozen, or canned.

Of course, thanks to the ongoing obsession with avocado toast, it’s totally acceptable to build a satisfying meal from the simplest of ingredients, like fresh vegetables and good bread. In The Backyard Homestead Book of Kitchen Know-How, author Andrea Chesman recommends rubbing two slices of toast with a sliced clove of garlic, and topping the toast with asparagus spears (steamed, roasted, or grilled) and two sunny-side-up or poached eggs. Garnish with shaved Parmesan, crumbled bacon, and hollandaise sauce.

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