Oh, the places we would go! If you’re in South Carolina low country, don’t miss this exhibit on heritage breeds of the South, featuring photos by The Livestock Conservancy’s Jeannette Beranger.

Spanish doe

Spanish doe. Photo © Jeannette Beranger

The Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, recently opened a new exhibition in their art gallery entitled “Heritage Breeds of the South,” featuring images and information on the breeds of livestock and poultry that were historically found on southern farms.

Heritage Breeds of the South is on display at Hilton Head’s Coastal Discovery Museum

“Heritage Breeds of the South” is on display at Hilton Head’s Coastal Discovery Museum.

All of the animals portrayed in the exhibit are considered endangered and are listed in The Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority list. Context for the roles these animals have long played on southern farms is created by hanging current-day photos of animals, taken by The Livestock Conservancy’s Jeannette Beranger, alongside historical images, procured by curator Natalie Hefter, that depict many of the same breeds at the turn of the last century.

Gallery Hall

The exhibition pairs contemporary images with those from the past.

The exhibit aims to raise public awareness of the historic and cultural importance of these animals in Southern life and to demonstrate why it is crucial that they remain a resource for future generations.The exhibit is open through September 28th.

Ossabaw Island piglets

Ossabaw Island piglets. Photo © Jeannette Beranger

Hog Island Sheep

Hog Island Sheep. Photo © Jeannette Beranger

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