The warm floral, citrus, and clove tones in this herbal tea blend comfort and help transform sluggishness into movement and clarity.

In our culture, our minds and bodies are exceptionally stimulated for much of the darkest period of the year, which is counterintuitive to the way we actually feel and sense the world.

Most people would benefit from taking time in winter to restore their bodies and cultivate inner peace. The stillness or darkness of winter helps focus our energy inward, and this can be a really good thing for cultivating a resilient heart and mind. It provides a chance for you to reflect on parts of yourself that are vulnerable. If your body is telling you to retreat from external stress, or if you feel a resistance to forcing major physical changes in your life, then it is best to listen to what your body is telling you. Wait until you have the momentum of spring to start a new project or make a move. There is absolutely no shame in listening to your body and practicing self-care. Being true to yourself creates patterns of health and happiness.

Sometimes it is nice to have a tea that can help you rise above the gray, whether actual clouds or mental fog. The rich, citrus tones of lemongrass and bergamot in this blend provide an almost immediate clarifying uplift. Clove’s rich, aromatic tones increase circulation while the rose and vanilla bean create a lovely, comforting accent. Let your mind perk up and deep satisfaction wash over you as you smell and sip this tea.

This tea is so much about aromatherapy. Warm floral, citrus, and clove tones are comforting and help transform sluggishness into movement and clarity.

Lift the Grey Tea

Taste: smooth black tea coupled with uplifting aromatics of bergamot orange, lemongrass, and rose; lingering flavor of warm, deep, sensual cloves

Herbal actions: energizing, uplifting

Systems affected: nervous, immune


  • 1 part Earl Grey tea
  • 0.5 part lemongrass
  • 0.25 part rose petals
  • 0.2 part clove
  • 1 vanilla bean per pound of blended tea


  1. Pour 1.5 cups hot milk or water over 1 to 2 teaspoons tea. Steep for 4 to 7 minutes. Add a touch of honey.

Text and recipe excerpted from Healing Herbal Teas © 2016 by Sarah Farr. Header photo © Charity Burggraaf. All rights reserved.

Sarah Farr

Sarah Farr is the author of Healing Herbal Teas. She operates two herbal tea businesses in the Pacific Northwest — Harbor Herbalist and Bird’s Eye… See Bio

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Healing Herbal Teas

by Sarah Farr

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