So you think you know horses? Test your knowledge with fun facts about our equine friends, from ears to hooves!

Do horses make your heart beat just a little faster? Do you have a favorite breed (or four), or do you love to wow your friends with your deep knowledge of equine trivia? Here are a few more bits of wisdom to tuck away for future use!

Spots … and Stripes?

Appaloosas are known for their spots, which come in patterns such as leopard (spots all over), blanket (spots just on their rumps), frost snowflake, and marble. But did you know …

Appaloosa Wiebke Haas Wild for Horses

Photo © Wiebke Haas, excerpted from Wild for Horses

… that many Appaloosas also have striped hooves?

The Rarest of Them All

Most horses have dark brown eyes, though white, cream, or pinto-colored horses often have blue eyes, and still others have eyes of hazel or gold. But did you know …

blue eyes horse wild for horses

Photo © © Equus ferus –Wild Horse Photography & Karen McLain Studio/equusferus/500px, excerpted from Wild for Horses

… that the rarest equine eye color is green?

In Fine Feather

Gypsy Vanner Horses are known for their pinto coloring, called piebald (black and white) and skewbald (brown and white). But did you know …

gypsy vanner horses wild for horses

Photo © imageBROKER/Alamy Stock Photo, excerpted from Wild for Horses

… that in addition to their splashy coloring, Vanners have thick hair called “feathering” on their lower legs, which protects their hooves and fetlocks from injury and keeps mud away from their skin?

Horses of the Sea

The semi-wild horses of the Camargue region on the southern coast of France are among the oldest known equine breeds. But did you know …

Camargue horses wild for horses

Photo © Lillian King/Getty Images, excerpted from Wild for Horses

… that the extra-large hooves of these seaside dwellers allow them to travel across swampy ground without sinking?

All Ears

The Marwari is a rare but ancient breed of horse from India that was prized by royalty. Bred to survive harsh desert conditions, these horses have thin skin, fine hair, and long eyelashes that protect against dust and sand. But did you know …

Marwari horse wild for horses

Photo © Ekaterina Druz, excerpted from Wild for Horses

… that their most notable feature are the long ears that tip inward at the top, sometimes so much that they touch?

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