Keep track of each new skill you learn with downloadable merit badges from How to Be a Person. Then, enter our giveaway!


Start building your skills with How to Be a Person! With this book as your guide, you can earn merit badges that will make you eligible to enter our giveaway for a $100 Target gift card.


Earn These Awesome Merit Badges


How do you get these? Begin by asking “how can I help?”, then try the five skills from the sampler of pages from How to Be a Person below. As you master each one, reward yourself with a downloadable badge.

How to Be a Person


Print your badge, cut it out, and stick it to this printable poster.

Download and Print Your Badges Here

Want to collect all 7 badges to fill your poster?

For even more skills to choose from, get your hands on a copy of How to Be a Person (order it HERE if you don’t already have it) and choose a skill from each of these other sections of the book: Other Beings, Say it Right, Dirty Things, Wearing That?, Edible Food, Two Cents, and Useful Skills.

Share your badges and/or photos of what you learned to do on Instagram using #HowToBeAPerson

 Now You’re Ready to Enter the Fantastic Giveaway for a $100 Target Gift Card

5 Skills Giveaway!

Tell us what skills you’ve tried! Once you try 5, have a parent or guardian enter you in the giveaway for a $100 Target gift card below!

Extended! Open through October 30, 2020

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