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The rider collapses the chest by allowing the rib cage to sink toward the abdomen in a somewhat fetal position (Illus.17). This position is a natural defense position that is detrimental to riding because it will cause the rider to bounce and not be able to move with the horse.


Illus. 17 and 18


Same as arched back — Start with the arched back exercises if you determine that the problem originates in the hips (see Part 4 in the “Deep Seat” series).

Lift chest — Next think of the bottom of the rib cage and lift it upward so the chest is no longer collapsed and the abdomen muscles are elongated (Illus. 18).

Debbie Kay Sams

Debbie Kay Sams has written for Practical Horseman, Equine Journal, and Instructor magazines. For many years she has organized and led drill-team riding for all… See Bio

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