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The root of this problem is often that the rider has her hips tilted backward and chest collapsed. The shoulders just add to the fetal position (Illus. 19). When an adult female rider’s shoulders are rounded, you will notice that her bra strap often falls down over her shoulder and she is continually putting it back.


Illus. 19 and 20


Adjust the hips as needed — When a rider is slouching, she is often leaning back too far with her hips. If this is the case, she should bring the hips into a more upright position.

Lift chest — Imagine that there is a mushroom growing up under your rib cage, as illustrated in Sally Swift’s book Centered Riding.

Shoulders back — Pull the shoulders back after you have lifted your chest. A useful image for this problem is to imagine that someone is poking his finger in between your shoulder blades (Illus. 20).

Pull your shoulder blades together — This will straighten slouching shoulders.

Debbie Kay Sams

Debbie Kay Sams has written for Practical Horseman, Equine Journal, and Instructor magazines. For many years she has organized and led drill-team riding for all… See Bio

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