Blanket stitch worked along the edge of woven fabric becomes the foundation for adding a beautifully executed decorative crochet border.

The design of a crochet border is important, but the execution of that border is equally important. Although it’s tempting to start crocheting your fancy border directly onto your main fabric, it’s a good idea to set a foundation by working a base round or row first. This base round will stabilize the edge and create a smooth surface on which to set your decorative stitches. It also sets up the stitch multiple for the first row of the border design and establishes corner stitches.

In instances when you’re working a border into a woven fabric, experimentation is key. Edges of the woven fabric must be finished in some way to prevent raveling. On lightweight commercial fabric, such as the fabric in this video, trim selvedges first, then fold and press a narrow single or double hem along all edges and sew in place. Then you can work blanket stitch into the fabric and use those stitches as a base for the crochet.

Text excerpted and adapted from Every Which Way Crochet Borders © 2017 by Edith L. Eckman. All rights reserved.

Edie Eckman

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