These striking hoop earrings are a fun way to personalize any look and the perfect project when you’re craving a quick and satisfying craft activity.

If you are already familiar with crochet, these earrings are quick project that yields amazing results — thread crochet over purchased 2-inch hoops. You can make a pair for every color in your wardrobe.

photo of woman in profile with crocheted hoop earring in one ear

Photo © Keller + Keller Photography, excerpted from Storey’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills


  • Cotton crochet thread size 10


  • Steel US 6 (1.6 mm) or the size you need to obtain the correct gauge


  • 1¾” in diameter before joining to hoop


  • 2″ hoop earrings (a front hinge works best)
  • Embroidery needle

Pattern Essentials

Puff st (Yo, insert hook into indicated ch-1 space, yo, pull loop through to front of work) five times, yo and pull through all but 1 loop on hook, yo and pull through remaining 2 loops on hook. Note: If you have trouble pulling through the puff stitches, make your yarn overs looser by holding your hook a little farther away from the work.

Working into the back of the chain:

With the WS of the chain facing, insert hook into the bumps on the back of the chain. Note: The RS of the chain is a series of horizontal Vs.

crochet earrings pattern chart

Pattern chart by Karen Manthey, design by Brenda K. Anderson, excerpted from Storey’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills


Row 1 (WS): Ch 16; working into the back of the ch, hdc in the 3rd ch from hook (first 2 ch sts count as first hdc), hdc in each ch across, turn. You now have 15 sts.

Row 2 (RS): Ch 5, skip first 7 hdc, (tr, ch 5, tr) in next hdc, ch 5, skip next 6 hdc, slip st into top of ch-2 at end of row, turn.

Row 3 (WS): Ch 4, skip ch-5 space, dc in next tr, ch 1, (dc into next ch, ch 1) five times, dc in next tr, ch 4, slip st in ch st at end of row, turn.

Row 4 (RS): Ch 4, skip (ch-space, dc), (puff st in next space, picot-4) six times, ch 4, slip st ch st at end of row. Do not fasten off.


Place the motif inside the hoop with the working yarn coming out from the back of the hoop. Sc around hoop and motif to join them together as follows: With RS of motif facing, work 3 sc sts into the side of the motif working toward the top of the hoop; work 15 sc sts around hoop, ending at the top of the earring; fasten off.

Starting at top (on other side of hinged post), work 15 sc sts around hoop. Now make 3 sc sts into the other side of motif, work 10 sc around hoop, sc in next picot, (work 5 sc around hoop, sc into next picot) five times, work 10 sc around hoop, slip st to first sc around hoop to join. Fasten off. Weave in the ends.

Text adapted from Crochet One-Skein Wonders® edited by Judith Durant and Edie Eckman and excerpted from Storey’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills © 2020 by Storey Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

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