Half Apron

Photograph © Julie Toy

Depending on the end use you have in mind for this apron, it can be made of almost any material — leather, canvas, pack cloth, vinyl, or even calico for light duty. Canvas is great for gardeners. To customize for a carpenter, try making the apron and flat pocket out of canvas, and the outer pocket, which will hold heavier tools, out of leather.


  • ²⁄3 yard fabric, at least 45″ wide (1 yard, if narrower)
  • 3 yards double-fold bias binding, ½” wide (wider, if using very thick material)
  • 44″ (or more) cotton or nylon webbing, 1″ wide
  • One snap buckle
  • Sewing thread

Following the measurements and layout shown, draw the pieces on the fabric, mark, and cut out.


The pieces in this project are:

A: Inner pocket strip, 21″ wide x 8″ long
B: Outer pocket strip, 26″ wide x 7″ long
C: Apron back, 12″ wide, 18″ long at top, 21″ long at bottom

To make the apron back pattern, draw a 12″ wide x 18″ long rectangle. Make a mark 2″ down from both top corners. On the bottom edge, extend the length of the rectangle out 1½” on either side. Connect these extensions to the bottom of the 2″ marks with diagonal lines, to form the angled sides of the apron back. To angle the pocket tops, make a mark 1″ down the side of each pattern piece. For the inner pocket, make marks 7″ in from each side along the top edge. Connect the marks along the top and side of the pattern piece. Repeat for the outer pocket, making the marks along the top edge 8″ in from both side edges.

Betty Oppenheimer

Betty Oppenheimer is an experienced crafter and seamstress who studied textile science at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has worked as textile quality assurance… See Bio

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