Storey staffers share September garden scenes.

Without a doubt, the last week has brought a true taste of fall. The tips of maple trees are already turning a fiery red, humidity levels have dipped, and nights are cold enough that it’s tempting to pull heavy blankets down from shelves. In my own garden, in a truly strange turn of events, a few irises in our front beds decided September was a good time to unfurl. Is it the drought? Who knows. But as this month’s photos show, we’re soaking up as many of these fair, flower-filled days as we can get. What’s blooming where you are? — Emily Spiegelman, Digital Features Editor

Deb Burns, Williamstown, Massachusetts


Morning glory

Carleen Madigan, Loon Lake, New York

Mammoth Russian sunflower, with Carleen for scale.

Calendula and nasturtium

Surprise gladiolus among the kale.

Gwen Steege, Williamstown, Massachusetts

Blooms beneath the window



Gwen’s garden. We hope, with her recent retirement after 29 years at Storey, she has more time to enjoy this beautiful place to the fullest.

Debbie Surdam, Hoosick, New York


Sunflower with grasshopper



Emily Spiegelman, Wendell, Massachusetts

Irises in September?!

Chive flowers are a big hit with honeybees.

Michal Lumsden, Plainfield, Massachusetts

The dahlias are blooming — at last!

Phlox and sunset in the Hilltowns. What could be better?

I love the one green yet-to-blossom helenium in this sea of late-summer color.

Ilona Sherratt, Cheshire, Massachusetts

Impatiens in a planter box

Turtlehead flowers and phlox

Sedum and salvia

Anne Guest, North Adams, Massachusetts




Maribeth Casey, Williamstown, Massachusetts


Zinnias in bloom

Zinnias lend a gorgeous pop of color.

Liseann Karandisecky, Cheshire, Massachusetts

Ants go marching by.

Purple clematis

Hibiscus bloom

Lily-of-the-valley berries



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