Storey staffers and friends share June garden scenes.

June is, indeed, bustin’ out all over. It only took a few days of swampy air and soaring temps for those blooms to pop! This month, irises and chives, poppies and peonies dominate, but a few of us are lamenting the lateness of things that are, by this time, typically going full force. (When, oh when, will the U-Pick days for strawberries begin?) Spring was simply too cold and too wet. But it’s all happening now, and we’re setting up nicely for summer. What’s blooming where you are? — Emily Spiegelman, Digital Features Editor 

Carolyn Eckert, Florence, Massachusetts

Poppy detail

Our wisteria took years to bloom, but now is in full force.

Wisteria detail

Ant through a peony lens

Corey Cusson, Charlemont, Massachusetts

Scarlet Runner Beans

Chive flowers

Alethea Morrison, Williamstown, Massachusetts

My dwarf lilac is a late bloomer and is just coming in now.

Chives that a neighbor gave me as a gift. The tiny sprouts in the background are the start of my mini meadow for an upcoming book!


My bleeding hearts are still holding on.

MaryAnn Nøbben, Norway

It’s been a cool and rainy spring here so far and things are now running riot. If I don’t get my lawnmower back from the repair shop soon, I’ll need to use the mower on the tractor!

Yellow transparent apple blossoms. Hoping the rain won’t knock them all off so we can have a good harvest this year.

Anemone nemorosa

Arctic raspberry and violets

Deanna Cook, Florence, Massachusetts

Peonies in Northampton!

Deb Burns, Williamstown, Massachusetts

Amazing azalea

Rhododendrons, with a view

The first rugosa rose

Emily Spiegelman, Wendell, Massachusetts


New to our garden this year: these lovely two-toned irises.

Some of our irises have furry tongues.

Carleen Madigan, Loon Lake, New York

Pink lady’s slipper (Cypripedium acaule)

Starflower (Trientalis borealis)

Lisa Hiley, Williamstown, Massachusetts

Getting a shot of my Bloom Day bouquet with a little help from my stylist.

Debbie Surdam, Hoosick, New York






Backyard escape (with lots of hostas)

Zoë Spring, Worthington, Massachusetts

Rhododendron. Two-story house for scale.

Regina Velázquez, Williamstown, Massachusetts


Mountain cornflower (Centaurea montana), mostly gone by

Michal Lumsden, Plainfield, Massachusetts

Another day, another bee (and lupines).





Scarlet geum

Gwen Steege, Williamstown, Massachusetts


Gas Plant (Dictamnus albus)

This rhododendron was covered with butterflies all afternoon yesterday. Hard to get a photo, because they so seldom rested, but it was a magical experience!

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