Storey staffers and friends share scenes from their late summer gardens.

What began as a pretty wonderful summer here in the Northeast has become a Super Soaker. While news of raging wildfires in the dry, dry western states and Europe comes steadily each day, we have spent the last month feeling very much like we’re living inside a hot cloud: surrounded by damp, clingy air that never feels fresh and near-daily — sometimes torrential — flooding rains. We, and our gardens, are hungry for steady sun and a dry breeze, something our western counterparts are perhaps feeling weary of. Wetness aside, a few hardy souls made it out to wander the saturated soil and still managed to capture these colorful late summer scenes. What’s blooming where you are? — Emily Spiegelman, Digital Content Manager

Maribeth Casey, Williamstown, Massachusetts

pink cosmos august bloom day

Pink cosmos, dusted with pollen

MaryAnn Nøbben, Norway

jerusalem artichoke flower

I’ve been trying for years to get a Jerusalem Artichoke to bloom. This is the first time!

poppies and daylilies

Poppies and daylilies, faithful friends.

Carleen Madigan, Loon Lake, New York

flower garden august bloom day

In the foreground of the garden, there’s borage, Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit, and agastache.

bee balm with spangled fritillary august bloom day

Bee balm with spangled fritillary butterfly. Upside: lots of pollinators! Downside: powdery mildew.

Michal Lumsden, Plainfield, Massachusetts

sunflower heart august bloom day

I heart sunflowers.

blackberry lily august bloom day

Blackberry lily

phlox august bloom day


lily bud opening august bloom day

Lily emerging

Heather Tietgens, Stamford, Vermont

black eyed susans august bloom day

orange lilies august bloom day

pink lily august bloom day

Carolyn Eckert, Florence, Massachusetts

buds august bloom day

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