Storey staffers share scenes from April gardens.

After a fairly snowless winter, we’ve been on the rollercoaster ride that is spring in New England. We’ve had summer-like warmth and we’ve been cruelly plunged back into dreary, ice-encrusted days more reminiscent of January than April. But April, come she will, and while this first Bloom Day of 2016 reveals more buds than active blooming, it helps to remember that those buds are the promise of flower-filled days ahead. There are lots of us on the road this month, so in addition to scenes sent in by MaryAnn, our stalwart contributor in Norway, you’ll find photos from Ireland, Paris, North Carolina, and Louisiana. What’s blooming where you are? — Emily Spiegelman, Digital Features Editor

Lisa Hiley, Williamstown, Massachusetts

A few of the neighbor’s daffodils survived the snow.

The hellebore I planted in the fall is doing well.

I’m not sure what this is or how it got in my garden, but it’s very sweet.

Scilla is appearing in my lawn — yay!

Carolyn Eckert, Florence, Massachusetts

My redbud tree, just starting out.

Budding rosa rugosa


Carleen Madigan

I took these at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, North Carolina.

Fringe Tree


Snowball viburnum

Deanna F. Cook, Northampton, Massachusetts

Grape hyacinth

MaryAnn Nøbben, Norway

I believe these are grape hyacinth.

A brave little Johnny Jump-up, one flowering, the other already seeding!

Slowly revealing itself

Heuchera peeking out between the cold rocks.

Michal Lumsden, Plainfield, Massachusetts

Not much is blooming in Plainfield yet. But there’s promise of many flowers to come.





Tina Parent, Pownall, Vermont


Hannah Fries, Sandisfield, Massachusetts

Coltsfoot blooming along the roadside, named for the shape of its leaves, which don’t appear until after it blooms. It is an herb that has long been used to treat chest ailments.

Our first daffodil of the season (we’re at about 1,700 feet, so a little late).

Garlic sprouting in the garden (not a bloom, I know, but exciting!).

Deb Burns

Editor Deb Burns is traveling in Europe with her daughter but still managed to send in her Bloom Day photos.

Here is heather in full bloom in Ireland in a cousin’s backyard.

Tulips blooming in Paris at Palais Royale

Gwen Steege, Williamstown, Massachusetts



Pussy Willow

Ash Austin

If we’re not among the lucky few who are traveling in warmer places, we’re just fine with looking to family and friends to provide a glimpse of the color to come. Marketing designer Ash Austin hails from Louisiana originally, and shared this photo from her parents’ backyard.

Red amaryllis at my parent’s house in Mandeville, Louisiana. Photo taken by my dad.

Storey Digital Editors

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