Remember these words as your pregnancy journey comes to an end and your life with your new beloved child is just beginning...

Illustration © Geraldine Sy

May your heart continue to open in ways you never imagined possible.

May your love grow to expand and hold all the moments of joy and sorrow.

May you learn, heal, and awaken more fully as you walk the path of motherhood.

May your family find harmony and peace as you go through the days, weeks, months, and years together.

May there be peace within any place you and your family call home.

May you and your family feel held by the Great Spirit that is larger than us all, yet within us all, and that holds us and keeps us connected in the unified web of life.

Excerpted and adapted from Birthing Mama © Corinne Andrews


Corinne Andrews

Corinne Andrews is co-owner/director of Shraddhā Yoga and leads the 200-hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training in addition to teaching weekly classes online and locally in Massachusetts.… See Bio

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Birthing Mama

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