Get to know the expert authors and the hear the inspiring stories behind their Storey books with Kindling, our newly launched podcast.

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We are excited to announce the launch of Kindling: The Storey Publishing Podcast. Kindling will introduce listeners to the incredible stories of how our authors came to be experts in their fields, as well as give listeners a glimpse into our publishing process. In capturing the passion authors have for their respective crafts, we hope to fuel listeners’ interests and ignite their curiosity.

Every book we publish comes with an incredible story that begins with the moment our authors first discovered their life-long passions. We can’t wait to share these inspiring stories with budding homesteaders, bakers, fermenters, gardeners, crafters, and anyone who has ever longed to feel the gratification that comes with learning a new skill or found themselves completely hooked on new hobby.

Each podcast episode features authors in conversation with a member of Storey’s staff, granting listeners insight into the collaborative process of bringing a book to life, from editing to design to publicity and marketing.

The first season is five episodes long, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday. Check out our great lineup below!

Season One of Kindling

  • September 15: Rosemary Gladstar (Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide) in conversation with publisher Deborah Balmuth
  • September 22: Carleen Madigan (editor of The Backyard Homestead) in conversation with art director Carolyn Eckert
  • September 29: Kirsten & Christopher Shockey (The Big Book of Cidermaking) in conversation with publicity & marketing campaign manager Anastasia Whalen
  • October 6: Niki Jabbour (Growing Under Cover) in conversation with acquisitions editor Carleen Madigan
  • October 13: Ken Haedrich (Pie Academy) in conversation with art director Carolyn Eckert

You can listen to Kindling on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and our website.

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