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Fowl Play

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get a copy of Fowl Play! This freshly hatched collection of chicken-centric games and puzzles will have you clucking and cackling for hours on end. Along with poultry-themed word searches, crosswords, mazes, and math challenges, noted puzzle creator Patrick Merrell also includes cartoons, jokes, and plenty of chicken trivia. Get ready for hours of Grade A fun that will appeal to fowl fanciers of all ages.

$ 10.95 US, Paper
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What’s That Bird?

Are you bird-literate? It's easier than you think!

Can you recognize and name 30 North American birds? When you hear a bird singing overhead can you use binoculars to find its nest in the treetops? Do you know how simple it is to build a bird arbor in your own backyard?

What's That Bird? teaches these skills and more, answering questions such as:

What are wishbones really for? (p. 12)
How does the American Robin make its nest? (p. 33)
Where does a Tufted Titmouse live? (p. 52)
What happened to the Passenger Pigeon and why should we care? (p. 79)
What is the smallest bird in the world? (p. 105)

$ 14.95 US, Paper
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Raptor! introduces children to the birds at the top of the food chain with a lively text enhanced by more than 100 full-color photographs. Kids learn how to locate raptors in the wild and explore the mysteries of raptor flight, hunting strategies, and behavior. Flight silhouettes, range maps, real-life stories of individual birds, and more will satisfy the most voracious raptor enthusiast!

$ 14.95 US, Paper with flaps
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The Bird Watching Answer Book

Learn the how’s and why’s of bird behavior, from flirtatious mating practices and gorgeous birdsong to flying south for the winter. In this lively reference book, Laura Erickson addresses hundreds of real-life questions sent in to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the world’s foremost authority on birds. With expert advice on bird watching techniques and equipment, feeding and housing birds, protecting habitats, and much more, Erickson guides you through the intricacies of the avian world with a contagious passion for our feathered friends.

$ 14.95 US, Flexibind with paper spine
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Birdfeeders, Shelters & Baths

Learn to control squirrels and other predators while attracting your favorite backyard birds, with more than 25 creative designs for birdfeeders, birdbaths, and even a roosting box.

$ 15.95 US, Paper
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Into the Nest

See the intimate lives of birds as never before! Laura Erikson and Marie Read document the family lives of more than 50 common North American birds through breathtaking close-up photography. Stunning images of hummingbirds, owls, tanagers, and more showcase different stages of avian development and capture the loving bond that exists within each bird family. Bird enthusiasts of all feathers will cherish these beautiful images of courting, nest construction, eggs, nestlings, feeding time, and much more.

$ 16.95 US, Paper
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The Backyard Bird-Lover’s Guide

Whether you’d like to wake up to a cheery robin’s birdsong or see hummingbirds in your garden, Jan Mahnken has you covered. In this colorful reference book, you’ll find simple tips to attract, feed, and observe 135 American bird species. Mahnken provides information on territory, courtship, nesting, parenting, and much more, while Jeffrey C. Domm brings each species to life with stunningly detailed paintings.

$ 24.95 US, Paper