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Dream Little!

We’ve partnered with Spoonflower for a fabulous, nautically inspired 101 Little One-Yard Wonders fabric design contest.

We’ll give you the pattern, you give Spoonflower your design, and the winner gets the design featured in the newest in Storey’s bestselling One-Yard Wonders series: the upcoming 101 Little One-Yard Wonders!

We’re Waiting for Your Design!

The gist is this: we give you a pattern from 101 Little One-Yard Wonders, you go to town and create an Under-the-Sea themed design, then upload it to Spoonflower. Spoonflower users vote for their favorite, and the winning design will be featured in our book! Sound good? This is how you do it:

  1. step-templateDownload the Riviera Tee Pattern. Click here to download the complete shirt pattern (a 600kB PDF).
  2. step-templateCreate Your Awesome Under-the-Sea Design. Use your creative powers to give our plain Jane pattern some nautical pizzazz. You have until November 27!
  3. step-templateUpload Your Final File to Spoonflower. Submit by clicking here or by visiting spoonflower.com. The winner will be announced on December 6!

These are the big, important steps. For complete instructions and contest rules visit spoonflower.com

Want to know more about 101 Little One-Yard Wonders?

We’ll let you know when the book is ready to go!

The Riviera Tee Pattern

While you might not make it to the coastline hailed as one of the first modern resort areas of the world, there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming. Imagine yourself getting comfortable on a yacht, surrounded by assorted celebrity and artist friends. This sea-themed tee is the perfect casual item for your little girl to wear to such an event, inspired by sunshine, blue water, and warm, salty air. It's comfortable and feminine, not to mention easy to make!


About 101 Little One-Yard Wonders

We’re excited to announce that hot on the heels of the first two One-Yard Wonders books, a follow-up volume is in the works — 101 Little One-Yard Wonders! Inspired by the success of the first two books in the series, 101 Little One-Yard Wonders will be chock full of projects for readers to make for the children in their lives, from the tiniest of tots on up to a trying tween. 101 Little One-Yard Wonders is due to release from Storey Publishing in May 2014.

It is the rare sewist who doesn’t have children to sew for, whether they are one’s own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or those of good friends. What a perfect way to use up a yard of that beloved stashed fabric by creating a unique keepsake for a special child in your life!

The unique baby and kids’ projects in the book will not be just limited to clothing, but will include all manner of toys, accessories, items for the home, for the parents, and so much more. The projects will have the same quirky and wonderful variety that has made the original One-Yard Wonders a continued hit!

Contest Dates