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  • Bloom Day — April 2016

    Bloom Day — April 2016

    After a fairly snowless winter, we’ve been on the rollercoaster ride that is spring in New England. We’ve had summer-like warmth and we’ve been cruelly plunged back into dreary, ice-encrusted days more reminiscent of January than April. But April, come she will, and while this … Read More

  • What Climate Change Means for Maple

    What Climate Change Means for Maple

    When you’re married to the head of a maple trade association, as I am, life is sweet. Leftovers from the syrup-tasting contest at the annual meeting often end up in our fridge. And when the organization wanted to sell a new treat at the Eastern … Read More

  • Spring Detox

    Spring Detox

    Much hoopla and whole books are devoted to “cleansing” the body and detox diets. Supporting your body’s detoxification system is critical for good health, and a cleanse — which can range anywhere from 1 day to a full month, depending on personal preference and how limited … Read More

  • On Weaving and Whaling

    On Weaving and Whaling

    I love whales. I was also an English major in college. Yet somehow I never managed to read Moby Dick. This is perhaps an even greater oversight now that I work at Storey, where our offices have a view of Mount Greylock, the highest natural point … Read More

  • What Is Timber Framing?

    What Is Timber Framing?

    Timber framing in much of the world can refer to any framing system using wood components, but in North America we use it to mean solid timber (greater than 5 x 5 in section) joined together with traditional wooden joinery. It’s a type of post-and-beam … Read More

  • Hot and Spicy Shrimp Kabobs

    Hot and Spicy Shrimp Kabobs

    Here in Massachusetts, temperatures recently hit the 70° mark, which means maple sap is flowing freely and smoke is billowing from the chimneys of every sugar shack. For any long-time New England resident, you can be sure that sweetness in the air evokes Proustian memories … Read More

  • Judgment Time

    Judgment Time

    The judging process is as varied as each event. At some fairs judging is closed, but other competitions invite contestants and the general public to stick around to watch and learn. The most helpful process, from a competitor’s point of view, is an open one … Read More

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