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Illustration by © Claudia Pearson, excerpted from Soup Night.

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The Backyard Homestead Book of Kitchen Know-How

by Andrea Chesman

$15.95. Only $3.99, November 10 – 12.

Learn everything you need to know to become self-sufficient in the kitchen! Andrea Chesman’s comprehensive guide is an indispensable resource for anyone who’s dreamed of making their own sourdough starter, cooking soup stock from scratch, creating fresh cheese at home, and more.

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Fresh Picks

This month’s Fresh Picks ebooks are $2.99 or less!

Herbal Antivirals
  • Herbal Antivirals

Boost your immune system and fight infection naturally with this comprehensive manual for preparing and using herbal formulas against viral infections from the flu to encephalitis.

Soup Night
  • Soup Night

Share time with friends, family, and neighbors over a pot of homemade soup with this collection of community Soup Night traditions and warming, delicious recipes.

All Points Patchwork
  • All Points Patchwork

Expand your patchwork repertoire and add intricate geometric designs to clothing, pillows, quilts, and more with this in-depth guide to the traditional art of English paper piecing.

Taking Time for Tea
  • Taking Time for Tea

From black asam in autumn to green mudan in spring, nothing soothes the spirit like tea. Find tea suggestions for every occasion, paired with menus, meditations, and more.

The Essential Oils Book
  • The Essential Oils Book

Awaken your senses with the art of aromatherapy! Enjoy simple-to-follow tips and recipes for essential oils that will improve health, relax the mind, and lift the spirit.

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