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Make your summer cookouts stellar! Serve up backyard cheer with flame-kissed fare, sweet treats, and refreshing beverages.


Illustrations by Jackie Lay, excerpted from Chowderland.

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by Brooke Dojny

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Brooke Dojny expands the possibilities of this easy-to-make, satisfying stew beyond classic clam to include seasonal and regional variations like Late Summer Squash Chowder and Northwest Salmon Chowder with Leeks and Peas. Round out your meal with recipes for delicious breads, salads, and desserts.

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Fresh Picks

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Cooking with Fire
  • Cooking with Fire

Go beyond the grill and learn the art of live-fire cooking. You’ll prepare mouthwatering mains, breads, desserts, and beverages using cooking methods designed to harness heat and flavor.

Drink the Harvest
  • Drink the Harvest

Say goodbye to sugary store-bought beverages and savor harvest flavor year-round with techniques and recipes for turning garden-fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs into juices, teas, ciders, meads, and more.

Home Cheesemaking
  • Home Cheesemaking

Make delicious cheese in your own kitchen — no experience required! Leading artisanal cheesemaker Ricki Carroll delivers expert advice and 75 recipes for styles ranging from queso fresco to Camembert.

Beer for All Seasons
  • Beer for All Seasons

Live your year in beer! Discover Randy Mosher’s recommended beer styles for every season and occasion, from Easter bocks to autumn’s pumpkin brews, and get tips for hitting popular beer fests.

How to Make Ice Cream
  • How to Make Ice Cream

From classic chocolate to gourmet maple bacon, make your best ice cream at home with 51 recipes for creamy custard-based and lighter, egg-free versions of this timeless treat.

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