For more than 30 years Ted Williams has been hailed as one of the foremost nature writers in the United States. Wild Moments is a collection of Williams's beautifully crafted seasonal observation columns complemented by the illustrations of award-winning artist John Burgoyne.

Williams explains the weather conditions that bring out the brightest reds in autumn leaves, when to watch for the massive migration of northern flickers, how hungry wolf spiders catch their prey, and why American goldfinches wait until July or August to build a nest and start breeding. Although Williams lives in Massachusetts, his columns describe the natural world all across North America, with forays to other parts of the globe. So readers will learn why there are so many aspens in Yellowstone National Park and the extent of the burrowing owl's habitat (from southwestern Canada to Argentina).

Written in an inviting, accessible, and entertaining style, these concise columns are beautifully written and packed with in-depth information. Anyone who loves the natural world will find this book irresistible.

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Ted Williams


Since 1980, Ted Williams has been editor-at-large at Audubon magazine, writing the acclaimed "Earth Almanac" and "Incite" columns. He is the conservation editor of Fly… See Bio

Wild Moments

by Ted Williams , Verlyn Klinkenborg and Connie Isbell

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