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Recipes from the Root Cellar

250 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Winter Vegetables

Sweet winter squashes, hardy greens, jewel-toned root vegetables, and potatoes of every kind make local eating easy and delicious in the colder months of autumn and winter. Whether these vegetables are gathered straight from the garden, from a well-tended root cellar, or from the market, their delectable flavors and nutritional benefits pack a powerful punch. Try them in soups (Celery Root Bisque, Portuguese Kale Soup), main dishes (Ravioli with Smoky Greens, Chicken Pot Pie with Root Vegetables), winter salads (Warm Goat Cheese and Beet Salad, Thai Cabbage Salad), and side dishes (Cashew Carrots, Braised Collards with Bacon). With this collection of more than 250 recipes, you’ll discover how simple and delightful it is to eat locally all year long.

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